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Online for many years now,  Toyhollywood.comô aims not only to help toy collectors build and complete their toy collections, but to convince non-collectors (especially pop culture enthusiasts) to go into the wonderful hobby of toy collecting as well. 


Toys, especially action figures, have now become inextricably associated with popular movie and TV franchises, from Marvel's Avengers to Disney's Star Wars. Collecting toys has become an avenue for extending the connections that we've formed with the movie and TV characters that we love.


We chose the domain name toyhollywood.com because it most aptly describes what our website does - providing information about pop culture in general and how it relates to the hobby of toy collecting. 


Thanks to our readers' support and continuous patronage, the domain name toyhollywood.com has evolved from just being a self-descriptive internet address to a domain name that represents useful checklists for collectible toy lines. All items in our checklists (with just a few exceptions) have product links, which have helped thousands of people find even the rarest toys on Amazon.


We promise to continually develop this website into the ultimate online provider of toy line checklists.  This means that this website will never be finished - it will live on and on, changing week in and week out, growing alongside the ever-evolving toy collecting hobby.


As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made through the Amazon links found on this site. As such, purchasing through these links helps us maintain this website.


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