Lord of the Rings 6" Toy Line by ToyBiz

6-inch Star Wars Action Figures



Wave 1 - The Fellowship of the Ring


Strider with Sword Slashing Action

Boromir with Battle Attack Action

Frodo with Sword Attack Action

Galadriel Lady of Light

Twilight Ringwraith with Sword Jabbing Action

Prologue Elven Warrior with Elven Armour & Weapons

Wave 2 - The Fellowship of the Ring


Arwen with Light-Up Evenstar

Gandalf the Grey with Light-Up Staff

Travelling Bilbo with Travelling Gear

Elrond with Elven Sword Attack Action

Twilight Frodo with Sword Attack Action

Gimli with Axe Throwing Action

Legolas with Dagger-Slashing & Arrow Launching Action

Witch King Ringwraith with Sword Lunging Action

Wave 3 - The Fellowship of the Ring


Birthday Celebration Bilbo with Party Barrel

King Elendil with Sword Slashing Action

Elrond of Rivendell

Gil-Galad with Spear Attack Action

Moria Orc Archer with Evil Goblin Armour

Lurtz with Real Arrow Launching Action

Wave 4 - The Fellowship of the Ring


Mirkwood Legolas with Woodland Realm Weaponry

Super Poseable Boromir

Bilbo Transfixed by the One Ring

Prince Isildur

Gandalf the Grey

Superposeable Strider

Wave 5 - The Fellowship of the Ring


Weathertop Strider with Light-Up Torch

Flaming Ringwraith with Light-Up Flames

Boromir with Electronic Sound

Council Legolas

Galadriel Entranced by the One Ring

Peter Jackson as a Hobbit

Wave 1 - The Two Towers


Crossbow Uruk-Hai with Real Crossbow Firing Action

Helm's Deep Aragorn with Sword Attack Action

Eowyn with Sword Slashing Action

Eomer with Sword Attack Action

Saruman the White with Staff Raising Action

Smeagol with Electronic Sound Base

King Theoden in Armour with Sword Attack Action

Wave 2 - The Two Towers


Frodo with Light-Up Sting Sword

Beserker Uruk-Hai with Sword Swinging Attack Action

Treebeard with Branch Lifting Action

Gollum with Electronic Sound Base

Gandalf the White with Staff Extending Action

Helm's Deep Legolas with Shield Skateboard

Wave 3 - The Two Towers


Super Poseable Helm's Deep Aragorn

Boromir Captain of Gondor

Super Poseable Frodo

Gamling in Rohan Armour with Weapons

Isengard Orc with Axe

Wave 4 - The Two Towers


Prince Theodred

Super Poseable Shagrat Mordor Uruk-Hai Warrior

Hama Royal Guard of Rohan

Dungeons of Isengard Orc Captain

Legolas with Arrow Launching Action

Gate of Mordor Sam

Legolas with Arrow Launching Action & Electronic Sound Base

Wave 5 - The Two Towers


Balrog Battle Gandalf with Electronic Sound Base

Possessed King Theoden

Battle Cry Uruk-Hai Warrior with Electronic Sounds

Battle Action Aragorn with Sword Attack Action



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