'Modok' Build-a-Figure (BAF) Series

Marvel Legends Series 15


The Build-a-Figure (BAF) 'Modok'


This Marvel Legends BAF series released by Toy Biz consists of 10 action figures, each of which is paired with one of the 6 parts needed to build 'Modok'.  Four of the 10 action figures are chase variants of Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Iron Man and Wasp. The chase variants are packaged with the same Modok parts as their regular variants.


The action figures included in this series are:


Beta Ray Bill - paired with Modok's hover base

Captain Marvel -  paired with Modok's control panel


Spider-Woman - paired with Modok's head

Moon Knight - paired with Modok's left arm


Iron Man (Thor-Buster Armor) - paired with Modok's right arm

Wasp (Black Costume) - paired with Modok's legs


Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) - variant, chase

Destroyer - Iron Man variant, chase


Wasp (Black Costume) - shoulder-length hair, variant,


Genis-Vell - Captain Marvel variant, chase

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