NECA Gears of War Action Figures

Gears of War Action Figure Line by NECA



Series 1


Marcus Fenix

Augustus Cole

Locust Sniper

Locust Drone

Series 2


Theron Guard [w/ Helmet]

Theron Guard [w/out Helmet]

Dominic Santiago

Damon Baird

Marcus Fenix [Added Articulation]

Series 3


Marcus Fenix [GoW 2]

Marcus Fenix [Gold Lancer]

COG Soldier [Sniper Rifle & Lancer]

Locust Drone Grappler

Locust Drone Cyclops

Palace Guard

Series 4


Marcus Fenix as Theron

Dominic Santiago as Theron

Locust Grenadier [Helmeted w/ Flame Thrower]

Elite Locust Grenadier [Gnasher Shotgun]


Series 5


COG Soldier [Shotgun & Lancer]

Colonel Victor Hoffman


Grenadier Beast Rider

Series 6


COG Solder [Added Articulation]

Kantus Priest

Boomer Mauler

Skorge [Chainsaw Staff]

Series 7


Clayton Carmine

Marcus Fenix

Anya Stroud

Series 8


Augustus Cole

Dominic Santiago

Damon Baird

Series 9


Journey's End Marcus Fenix

Savage Theron V2

COG Soldier

Golden COG Soldier


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