NECA Predator Action Figures

7-inch Predator Action Figure Line by NECA



2019 Releases


Ultimate Fugitive Predator
(Lab Escape Version)

Ultimate Fugitive Predator
(Thermal Vision Version)

Ultimate Golden Angel
Elder Predator

Classic Kenner
Lasershot Predator

Alien vs. Predator Arcade:
Dutch and Linn 2-pack

Ultimate Bad Blood
and Enforcer 2-pack

2018 Releases


Ultimate Fugitive Predator

Ultimate Ahab Predator

Ultimate Emissary
Predator #1

Ultimate Emissary
Predator #2

Armored Assassin Predator (Deluxe)

30th Anniversary Series (2017)


30th Anniversary Demon
Jungle Hunter Predator

30th Anniversary Predator
Action Figures (Set of 7)

30th Anniversary Jungle
Disguise Dutch

30th Anniversary Jungle
Encounter Dutch

30th Anniversary Jungle
Patrol Dutch

30th anniversary Jungle
Extraction Dutch

30th anniversary Jungle
Demon Predator (Cloaked)

Series 18


Hornhead Predator

Broken Tusk Predator


Hornhead, Broken Tusk,
and Machiko (Set of 3)

Series 17


Elder Predator (AVP)

Young Blood Predator (AVP)

Serpent Hunter (AVP)

Series 16


Spiked Tail Predator

Stalker Predator (GITD)

Ghost Predator

Series 15


Ancient Warrior Predator (AVP)

Masked Scar Predator (AVP)

Temple Guard Predator (AVP)

Series 14


Celtic Predator (AVP)

Scar Predator (AVP)

Chopper Predator (AVP)

Series 13


Cracked Tusk Predator

Renegade Predator

Scavage Predator

Series 12


Elder Predator

Viper Predator

Series 11


Wasp Predator

Lost Predator (Armored)

Dutch Schaefer (Thermal Vision)

Enforcer Predator

Series 10


Nightstorm Predator

Hive Wars Predator

Lava Planet Predator

Series 9


Jungle Hunter (Water Emergence)

Dutch Schaefer (Encounter)

Dutch Schaefer (Disguise)

Series 8


Jungle Hunter

Dutch Schaefer (Jungle Extraction)

Dutch Schaefer (Jungle Patrol)

Series 7


Big Red Predator

City Hunter(Masked)

Falconer Predator(Semi-Cloaked)

Series 6


Lost Predator

Warrior Predator

Scout Predator

Series 5


Guardian Predator

Stalker Predator

Snake Predator

Series 4


City Hunter

Boar Predator

Shaman Predator

Series 3


Jungle Hunter

Elder Predator

Predator Hound

Series 2


Battle-Damaged Classic Predator

Unmasked Berserker Predator

Tracker Predator

Series 1


Classic Predator

Berserker Predator

Falconer Predator


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