'Ronan the Accuser' Build-a-Figure (BAF) Series

a.k.a Hasbro's Fantastic Four Series


The Build-a-Figure (BAF) 'Ronan the Accuser'


This Marvel Legends Fantastic Four 'Ronan The Accuser' BAF series released by Hasbro consists of 8 action figures, each of which is paired with one of the 8 parts needed to build 'Ronan the Accuser'.


The action figures included in this series are:


Mr. Fantastic (Stretched out) - paired with Ronan's hammer

Invisible woman -  paired with Ronan's torso


Thing - paired with Ronan's head and helmet

Dr. Doom - paired with Ronan's cape


Human Torch - paired with Ronan's right leg

Silver Surfer - paired with Ronan's left leg


Mole Man - paired with Ronan's left arm

Namor (The Sub-Mariner) - paired with Ronan's right arm

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