'Sentinel' Build-a-Figure (BAF) Series

Marvel Legends Series 10


The Build-a-Figure (BAF) 'Sentinel'


This Marvel Legends BAF series released by Toy Biz consists of 9 action figures, each of which is paired with one of the 6 parts needed to build a 'Sentinel'.  Two of the 9 action figures are chase variants of Cyclops and Angel. Mystique and Omega Red are packaged with the same BAF piece, so only one of them needs to be bought in order to build the BAF Sentinel. The chase variants are packaged with the same Sentinel parts as their regular variants.


The action figures included in this series are:


Angel - paired with Sentinel's left leg

Cyclops - paired with Sentinel's left arm


Black Panther - paired with Sentinel's right arm

Mystique - paired with Sentinel's lower torso


Omega Red - paired with Sentinel's lower torso

Mister Sinister - (Blue Neck) paired with Sentinel's right leg


Spiderman (1st Appearance) - paired with Sentinel's head/upper torso

Cyclops - X-Factor Costume, Chase


Angel -  Light Blue Costume, Chase


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