Transformers: Generations Toy Line

Transformers Action Figures by Hasbro


Generations: War for Cybertron
Siege Series (2019)

Siege Deluxe Class


WFC-S7 Skytread

WFC-S8 Cog

WFC-S9 Hound

WFC-S10 Sideswipe

WFC-S15 Greenlight

WFC-S20 Chromia

WFC-S21 Ironhide

WFC-S22 Six-gun

WFC-S23 Prowl

WFC-S28 Jetfire

WFC-S34 Ratchet

WFC-S35 Red Alert

WFC-S36 Refraktor

WFC-S37 Brunt

WFC-S41 Barricade

WFC-S42 Impactor

WFC-S43 Mirage

WFC-S48 Spinister

WFC-S64 Bluestreak

Siege Voyager Class


WFC-S11 Optimus Prime

WFC-S12 Megatron

WFC-S24 Starscream

WFC-S25 Soundwave

WFC-S38 Springer

WFC-S39 Thundercracker

WFC-S50 Apeface

Siege Leader Class


WFC-S13 Ultra Magnus

WFC-S14 Shockwave

WFC-S40 Optimus Prime

WFC-S51 Astrotrain

Siege Battle Masters


WFC-S1 Firedrive

WFC-S2 Lionizer

WFC-S3 Blowpipe

WFC-S16 Pteraxadon

WFC-S17 Aimless

WFC-S30 Caliburst

WFC-S31 Smashdown

Generations: Selects Series (2019)


Ricochet (Power of the Primes)

Dinobot Red Swoop (Power of the Primes)

WFC-GS01 Combat Megatron (Siege)

WFC-GS02 Decepticon Red Wing (Siege)

WFC-GS03 Galactic Man Shockwave (Siege)

WFC-GS04 Powerdasher Cromar (Siege)

WFC-GS05 Autobot Lancer (Siege)

WFC-GS06 Smokescreen (Siege)

WFC-GS07 Nightbird (Siege)

WFC-GS08 Powerdasher Zetar (Siege)

WFC-GS09 Hot Shot (Siege)

Generations: Studio Series (2018)

Studio Series Deluxe Class


01 Bumblebee

02 Decepticon Stinger (Age of Extinction)

03 Crowbar (Dark of the Moon)

04 Autobot Ratchet (Transformers)

10 Autobot Jazz (Transformers)

11 Lockdown (Age of Extinction)

16 Autobot Ratchet (Dark of the Moon)

17 Shadow Raider (Age of Extinction)

18 Bumblebee

22 Dropkick (Bumblebee)

Studio Series Voyager Class


05 Optimus Prime (Revenge of the Fallen)

06 Starscream (Transformers)

12 Decepticon Brawl (Transformers)

13 Megatron (Revenge of the Fallen)

14 Autobot Ironhide (Transformers)

21 Starscream (Revenge of the Fallen)

Studio Series Leader Class


07 Grimlock (Age of Extinction)

08 Decepticon Blackout (w/ Scorponok)

35 Jetfire (Revenge of the Fallen)

Generations: Power of the Primes Series (2017-2018)

Power of the Primes Legends Class


Beachcomber (Autobot/Dune Buggy)

Slash (Autobot/Velociraptor)

Skrapnel (Decepticon/Stag Beetle)

Windcharger (Autobot/Sports Car)

Battleslash (Decepticon/Helicopter)

Roadtrap (Decepticon/Van)

Tailgate (Autobot/Sports Car)

Cindersaur (Decepticon/Velociraptor)

Outback (Autobot/4x4 Truck)

Power of the Primes Deluxe Class


Dreadwind (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Jazz (Autobot/Sports Car)

Slug (Autobot/Triceratops)

Swoop (Autobot/Pteranodon)

Blackwing (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Moonracer (Autobot/Cybertronian Car)

Rippersnapper (Decepticon/Bipedal Shark)

Sludge (Autobot/Apatasaurus)

Snarl (Autobot/Stegosaurus)

Blot (Decepticon/Ogre)

Cutthroat (Decepticon/Hawk Monster)

Sinnertwin (Decepticon/Twin-Headed Dragon)

Novastar (Autobot/Cybertronian Car)

Power of the Primes Voyager Class


Grimlock (Autobot/Tyrannosaurus Rex)

Starscream (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Elita-1 (Autobot/Cybertronian Fighter Jet)

Hun-Gurrr (Decepticon/Twin-Headed Dragon)

Inferno (Autobot/Fire Truck)

Power of the Primes Leader Class


Evolution Optimus Prime (Autobot/Semi-Trailer Truck)

Evolution Rodimus Prime (Autobot/Winnebago)

Evolution Rodimus Unicronus (Decepticon/Winnebago)

Optimal Optimus (Maximal/Cybertronian Transport Jet)

Power of the Primes Titan Class


Predaking (Decepticon/Five Predacons)

Generations: Titans Return Series (2016-2017)

Titans Return Legends Class


Wheelie (Autobot/Cybertronian Car)

Rewind (Autobot/Tank/ Spy Tablet)

Stripes (Autobot: Jet/Spy Tablet)

Laserbeak (Decepticon/Forklift/Spy Tablet)

Ravage (Decepticon/Jet/Spy Tablet)

Rumble (Decepticon/Tank/Spy Tablet)

Gnaw (Decepticon/Sharkticon)

Bumblebee (Autobot/Car)

Kickback (Decepticon/Robotic Grasshopper)

Brawn (Autobot/4x4 Truck)

Roadburn (Autobot/Car)

Cosmos (Autobot/U.F.O.)

Seaspray (Autobot/Hovercraft)

Titans Return Deluxe Class


Blurr (Autobot/Cybertronian Racer)

Scourge (Decepticon/Cybertronian Jet)

Skullsmasher (Decepticon/Crocodile)

Hardhead (Autobot/Cybertronian Tank)

Chromedome (Autobot/Car)

Highbrow (Autobot/Twin-Rotor Helicopter)

Mindwipe (Decepticon/Bat)

Wolfwire (Decepticon/Wolf)

Breakaway (Autobot/Car)

Hot Rod (Autobot/Car)

Triggerhappy (Decepticon/Jet)

Twinferno (Autobot/Twin-Headed Dragon)

Krok (Decepticon/Crocodile)

Sergeant Kup (Autobot/Cybertronian Pickup Truck)

Perceptor (Autobot/Microscope)

Quake (Decepticon, Cybertronian Tank)

Topspin (Autobot/Cybertronian Jet)

Misfire (Decepticon/Cybertronian Jet)

Twin Twist (Autobot/Cybertronian Drill Tank)

Windblade (Autobot/Cybertronian VTOL Jet)

Titans Return Voyager Class


Sentinel Prime (Autobot/Train/Shuttle)

Alpha Trion (Autobot/Lion/Shuttle)

Galvatron (Decepticon/Mobile Cannon/Cybertronian Jet)

Astrotrain (Decepticon/Train/Shuttle)

Optimus Prime (Autobot/Tanker Truck/Jet)

Megatron (Decepticon/Tank/Jet)

Broadside (Autobot/Aircraft Carrier/Jet)

Blitzwing (Decepticon/Tank/Jet)

Octone (Decepticon/Tanker Truck/Jet)

Titans Return Leader Class


Blaster (Autobot/Stereo/Stage)

Powermaster Optimus Prime (Autobot/Semi-Trailer Truck/Base)

Soundwave (Decepticon/Stereo/Stage)

Six Shot (Decepticon/Car/Tank/Wolf/Submarine/Jet)

Sky Shadow (Decepticon/Jet and Tank)

Overlord (Decepticon/Jet and Tank)

Titans Return Titan Class


Fortress Maximus (Autobot/Battle Station/City)

Trypticon (Decepticon/Battle Station/City)

Titans Return Titan Master Class


Nightbeat (Autobot/Tank)

Terri-bull (Decepticon/Tank)

Loudmouth (Autobot/Hovercraft)

Skytread (Decepticon/Tank)

Brawn (Autobot/Tank)

Apeface (Decepticon/Tank)

Clobber (Autobot/Beast)

Crashbash (Decepticon/Beast)

Ptero (Autobot/Beast)

Generations: Combiner Wars Series (2015-2016)

Combiner Wars Legends Class


Pipes (Autobot/Truck)

Powerglide (Autobot/A-10 Thunderbolt)

Bombshell (Decepticon/Mechanical Beetle)

Thundercracker (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Blackjack (Decepticon/Sports Car)

Huffer (Autobot/Semi-trailer Truck)

Groove (Autobot/Police Motorcycle)

Viper (Decepticon/A-10 Thunderbolt)

Warpath (Autobot/Tank)

Wreck-Gar (Autobot/Motorcycle)

Skywarp (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Rodimus (Autobot/Sports Car)

Buzzsaw (Decepticon/Forklift/Spy Tablet)

Chop Shop (Decepticon/Stag Beetle)

Shockwave (Decepticon/Laser Pistol)

Combiner Wars Deluxe Class


Alpha Bravo (Autobot/Helicopter)

Dragstrip (Decepticon/Formula-1 racer)

Skydive (Autobot/Fighter Jet)

Firefly (Autobot/Fighter Jet)

Breakdown (Decepticon/Sports Car)

Dead End (Decepticon/Sports Car)

Air Raid (Autobot/Fighter Jet)

Off-Road (Decepticon/Pickup Truck)

Blades (Autobot/Helicopter)

First Aid (Autobot/Ambulance)

Rook (Autobot/SWAT Vehicle)

Streetwise (Autobot/Police Car)

Ironhide (Autobot/Pickup Truck)

Mirage (Autobot/Formula-1 Racer)

Prowl (Autobot/Police Car)

Blast Off (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Brawl (Decepticon/Tank)

Swindle (Decepticon/Jeep)

Vortex (Decepticon/Helicopter)

Hound (Autobot/Jeep)

Smokescreen (Autobot/sports car)

Trailbreaker (Autobot/Pickup Truck)

Wheeljack (Autobot/Sports Car)

Sunstreaker (Autobot/Car)

Groove (Protectobot/Motorcycle)

Combiner Wars Voyager Class


Optimus Prime (Autobot/Semi-trailer Truck)

Silverbolt (Autobot/Fighter Jet)

Motormaster (Decepticon/Semi-trailer Truck)

Hot Spot (Autobot/Fire Truck)

Cyclonus (Decepticon/Cybertronian Jet)

Battle Core Optimus Prime (Autobot/Semi-trailer Truck)

Onslaught (Decepticon/Missile Truck)

Scattershot (Autobot/Cybertronian Jet)

Sky Lynx (Autobot/Space Shuttle)

Combiner Wars Leader Class


Megatron (Decepticon/Tank)

Armada Megatron (Decepticon/Tank)

Thundercracker (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Ultra Magnus (Autobot/Car Carrier Truck)

Starscream (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Skywarp (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Combiner Wars Titan Class


Devastator (Decepticon/Six Constructicons)

Generations: Thrilling 30 Series (2013-2014)

Thrilling 30 Legends Class


Optimus Prime (Autobot/Semi-trailer Truck) with Autobot Roller

Bumblebee (Autobot/Sports Car) with Blazemaster

Megatron (Decepticon/Tank) with Chop Shop

Starscream (Decepticon/Fighter Jet) with Waspinator

Swerve (Autobot/Pickup Truck) with Flanker

Cosmos (Autobot/Flying Saucer) with Payload

Skrapnel (Decepticon/Stag Beetle) with Reflector

Tailgate (Autobot/Muscle Car) with Groundpounder

Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class


Orion Pax (Autobot/Cybertronian Truck)

Megatron (Decepticon/Stealth Bomber)

Bumblebee (Autobot/Muscle Car)

Thundercracker (Decepticon/Cybertronian Jet)

Hoist (Autobot/Tow-truck)

Dreadwing (Decepticon/Stealth Bomber)

Waspinator (Predacon/Wasp)

Goldfire (Autobot/Muscle Car)

Autobot Skids (Autobot/Hatchback)

Armada Starscream (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Skywarp (Decepticon/Cybertronian Jet)

Scoop (Autobot/Front-End Loader)

Mini-Con Assault Team (Mini-Con/Helicopter, tank and jet)

Rattrap (Maximal/Rat)

Tankor (Vehicon/Cybertronian tank)

Crosscut (Autobot/Hatchback)

Nightbeat (Autobot/Rally Car)

Jhiaxus (Decepticon/Fighter Jet)

Windblade (Autobot/Futuristic VTOL jet)

Arcee (Autobot/Cybertronian Car)

Chromia (Autobot/Cybertronian Bike)

Thrilling 30 Voyager Class


Blitzwing (Decepticon/Jet fighter/tank)

Autobot Springer (Autobot/Helicopter/armoured car)

Sandstorm (Autobot/VTOL jet/Dune buggy)

Doubledealer (Decepticon/Jet fighter/tank)

Rhinox (Maximal/Rhinoceros)

Whirl (Autobot/Helicopter)

Roadbuster (Autobot/Military Vehicle)

Sky-Byte (Predacon/Mechanical Shark)

Brainstorm (Autobot/Cybertronian Jet)

Thrilling 30 Leader Class


Jetfire (Autobot/Jet)

Thrilling 30 Titan Class


Metroplex (Autobot/city/carrier)

Generations: Fall of Cybertron Series (2012-2013)

Fall of Cybertron Legends Class


Eject and Ramhorn (Autobot)

Rewind and Sunder (Autobot)

Frenzy and Ratbat (Decepticon)

Rumble and Ravage (Decepticon)

Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Class


Optimus Prime (Autobot/Truck)

Jazz (Autobot/Car)

Shockwave (Decepticon/Jet)

Onslaught (Decepticon (Decepticon/Truck)

Blast-Off (Decepticon/Jet)

Swindle (Decepticon/Truck)

Vortex (Decepticon/Helicopter)

Brawl (Decepticon/Tank)

Starscream (Decepticon/Jet)

Ultra Magnus (Autobot/Truck)

Sideswipe (Decepticon/Car)

Air Raid (Autobot/Jet)

Kickback (Decepticon/Grasshopper)

Impactor (Autobot/Truck)

Roadbuster (Autobot/Truck)

Twintwist (Autobot/Tank)

Whirl (Autobot/Helicopter)

Topspin (Autobot/Jet)

Fall of Cybertron Voyager Class


Soundblaster with Buzzsaw (Decepticon/Truck with Data Disc)

Soundwave with Laserbeak (Decepticon/Truck with Data Disc)

Blaster with Steeljaw (Autobot/Truck with Data Disc)

Grimlock (Autobot/Mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex)

Generations: Original Series (2010-2011)

Generations Original Series Deluxe Class


Cybertronian Bumblebee (Autobot/Car)

Blurr (Autobot/Sports car)

Cliffjumper (Autobot/Car)

Darkmount (Decepticon/Half-track)

Dirge (Decepticon/Modified F-15 Eagle)

Drift (Autobot/Sports car)

Junkheap (Autobot/Motorcycle)

Sergeant Kup (Autobot/Futuristic pickup truck)

Megatron (Decepticon/Cybertronian tank)

Cybertronian Optimus Prime (Autobot/Cybertronian truck)

Red Alert (Autobot/Lamborghini Gallardo fire rescue vehicle)

Scourge (Decepticon/Cybertronian stealth bomber)

Skullgrin (Decepticon/Half-track)

Sky Shadow (Decepticon/Fighter jet)

Soundwave (Decepticon/Cybertronian truck)

Thundercracker (Decepticon/McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle)

Thunderwing (Decepticon/Fighter jet)

Thrust (Decepticon/Modified McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle)

Wheeljack (Autobot/Race car)

Warpath (Autobot/Tank)



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